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Model Airplane Plans Random Selection of the Latest Model Airplane Plans.

Download the latest plans our members added to the site. [More here...]

ZKB-20 model airplane plan
 161 Airplane

ZKB-20 Plan MA 205 Type Model CL Scale Military Fighter. Wingspan 22in.Lowwing. Engine Diesel E.D 2.46 Designer G. Brittain. Magazine Model Aircraft February 1955 More info here...

Chuco model airplane plan
 524 Glider

Chuco Plan MT 1074 Type Model RC Sport Glider. Wingspan 146cm. Control 2 channels. Designer Klaus Kurt. Magazine FMT August 1993 More info here

Hotspur II model airplane plan
 349 Glider

Hotspur II Type Model FF Scale Military Glider. Wingspan 42in. Designer W.A Dean. Magazine AeroModeller October 1942 More info here

Challenger model airplane plan
 244 Airplane

Challenger Plan CF-458 Type Model RC Sport Pattern. Wingspan 62in.Lowwing. Engine Glow .60 Control 4 channels. Designer Bob Godfrey. Magazine Flying Models January 1978 More info...

Radio Control All R/C Model Airplane Plans

12 Remote Control Model Airplane Plans. [More here...]

Random selection of all RC Model Airplanes class.
This is a randomly created selection of the latest model aircraft plans and blueprints.

Half Wave model airplane plan
 184 36 in. / 91.4 cm Airplane Diesel-Powered Sport

New England's modeling legend Harvey Thomasian designed the Half Wave in 1954, a rudder-only sport aircraft spanning 36" and designed for a 1/2A engine - a McCoy 049 diesel is shown on the...

ET-20 Bob Martin 50in model airplane plan
 644 50 in. / 127 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Trainer

No description yet.

De Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk model airplane plan
 1049 80 in. / 203.2 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Trainer

A 2.5in to the foot. (1/5 approx) detailed, scale plan of the Canadian Air Force Chipmunk.

Yakovlev Yak 3 model airplane plan
 1711 42.9 in. / 109 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Fighter

Yakovlev Yak 3 Type Model RC Scale Military Wingspan 109cm Lowwing. Engine Glow 2.5 - 3.5cc Control 4 channels. Designer Jar.Fara. Magazine Modelar June 1985

Control Line All CL Model Airplane Plans

12 Control Line Sport, Scale, Vintage Model Airplane Plans plans. [More here...]

Random selection of all CL Plans
This is a randomly created selection of all the Control Line model plans.

Lady Luck model airplane plan
 184 Airplane Glow-Powered Sport

This is a control line non scale, pure model sport airplane designed to be flown outdoors, designed by Paul Del Gatto, published in the 1962 Model Airplane News Annual. This would make a nice model...

Loening NA-3-MAN-05-48 model airplane plan
 76 Airplane Diesel-Powered Observation

This is a control line semi-scale observation airplane designed to be flown outdoor. Designed by Walter A Musciano, you will need some experience to build a model from this plan as it is not well...

FMA IA-58 Pucara model airplane plan
 683 32 in. / 81.3 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Multirole

The Pucara is an Argentine ground-attack and counter-insurgency aircraft, an all-metal two person military aircraft with twin engine turboprop engines and a high-mounted "T" horizontal...

ZKB-20 model airplane plan
 161 22 in. / 55.9 cm Airplane Diesel-Powered Fighter

ZKB-20 Plan MA 205 Type Model CL Scale Military Fighter. Wingspan 22in.Lowwing. Engine Diesel E.D 2.46 Designer G. Brittain. Magazine Model Aircraft February 1955 More info here...

Free Flight All FF Model Airplane Plans

12 Free Flight, Antique, Vintage Model Airplane Plans. [More here...]

Random selection of all FF class.
This is a randomly created selection of all the Free Flight model plans.

Oily Bird model airplane plan
 281 32 in. / 81.3 cm Airplane Glow-Powered Trainer

No description yet.

New Bay Ridge Mike model airplane plan
 124 51 in. / 129.5 cm Airplane Gas-Powered Sport

Redesigned by Anthony C Bacchi. Traced from an original plan by Bill Thompson 6-19-64.

Marauder model airplane plan
 69 65 in. / 165.1 cm Glider Sport

No description yet.

Mentor 3 model airplane plan
 161 45.7 in. / 116 cm Glider Not-Powered Sport

This is a free flight non scale, pure model sport glider designed to be flown outdoors, the plan is from the Netherlands and the notes on the plan are not in English and will therefore need to be...

Boats RC Boat Plans

12 Remote Controlled Model Boats. [More here...]

RC Motor Boats.
Latest RC Model Boat and Airboat plans added to the website.

River Jet Boat model airplane plan
 503 Boat Electric-Powered

This is an aluminum style boat that can be built with 5mm foam, and powered with a shaft or a jet drive.

Schiada 20 SS model airplane plan
 887 Boat Glow-Powered

Schiada 20 SS Plan 914 Type Model RC Scale Sport Boat. Length 30in. Beam 11in. Engine Glow K&B 3.5cc Outboard. Control 2 channels. Designer Fred Reese. Magazine RCModeler May 1984 More info here...

Wild model airplane plan
 1631 48 in. / 121.9 cm Boat Gas-Powered Racing

Wild Type Model RC Sport Racer Boat. Length 47in. Beam 15in. Engine Gas. Control 2 channels.

Cobra 21 model airplane plan
 970 Boat Electric-Powered Sport

Cobra 21. Plan 739. Type Model RC Sport Boat. Length 28in. Beam 8.5in. Engine Electric or Glow. Control 2 channels. Designer David Thomas. Magazine RCModeler September 1978. More info here...

Recently Updated Listings Listings updated in the last few days.

Check out the latests or what is being added to our older listings.

Picker 1 model airplane plan
 453 47.2 in. / 120 cm Airplane Trainer

Picker 1 Type Model: R/C Sport Trainer Wingspan: 120cm Highwing Engine: Glow O.S Max .10LA Control: 3 channels Designer: Tom Takamatsu Company: OK Model Pilot Video:...

Aeronca Profile .020 model airplane plan
 34 36 in. / 91.4 cm Airplane Sport

This is the full sized print version of this plan.

1/2A Blazer model airplane plan
 137 Airplane

1/2A Blazer wing and stab ribs. Also fuselage formers. These are not shown on the kit plan.

Raketa model airplane plan
 89 Airplane Trainer

Oldtimer 1953 constr.: Vl. Hajek

3D Printed Kits High Quality 3D Printed Kits

3D CAD designed and 3D printed model airplane kits. [More here...]

Klingberg Flying Wing model airplane plan
 3866 51.2 in. / 130 cm Glider Electric-Powered Slope

Specs: Span: 1240mm Print weight:320g Area 19,2 dm2 The C.G. is from 54% to 62% of the chord length from the leading edge Recommended Gear: 3s1800 or 3s 2200 or 4s 1300 28mm outrunner or 32mm...

Das Liddle Stik model airplane plan
 3192 45.7 in. / 116 cm Airplane Electric-Powered Sport

The "Das Liddle Stik" is a smaller version of the famous Ugly Stick. It flies really well as you can see on the videos and it´s a perfect ailerons trainer. The landing gear can set as a...

Bungee model airplane plan
 474 46.5 in. / 118 cm Glider Acro

Wingspan: 1180 mm / 46.5 inch Lenght: 1070 mm / 42.1 inch Height: 260 mm / 10.2 inch Wing area: 21,2 dm2 / 2.3 square feet Wing loading: 15,1 g/dm2 / 4.9 oz/square feet Center of gravity: 84 mm /...

EGW-80 Ducted Fan model airplane plan
 572 31.5 in. / 80 cm Airplane Electric-Powered


Latest Comments

Latest comments by our members.

Plan: Cosmo T1Lempinen on 17/07/2024 07:07
3D printed parts (STL) file available ?
Can one download the 3D printed parts file (STL) that were mentioned in the plan description please?

Many thanks for the kind help :0)
Plan: Super Sportster 40 mk2mattcrandall30 on 09/07/2024 21:58
PDF plan
Hi! Like others, when I open the dwg, I can see all the individual parts, but it doesn't seem to include the "rest" of the side profile plan, can I get that as a PDF version if possible? thanks! email
Plan: Wanted PlansBjörn1970 on 28/11/2023 13:52
Suche Verticopter Bauplan
Ich suche schon Lange den Bauplan des Verticopter's.
Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr ihn findet.
Liebe Grüße Björn
Plan: Mini Funtanamail4dean on 28/11/2023 02:31
Mini Funtana Build
I was given an original Eflight Mini Funtana by a generous club member after crashing a 90" Extra due to radio failure. Not knowing what I really had, I was a little careless and tip stalled it into the ground. Twice. Although I repaired it, twice, into a little heavier and not quite as straight flying park flyer, I regretted my reckless behavior and decided to build myself a new one from scratch.
I have sourced all my materials and as they come in piece by piece I'll try to keep up with logging best I can as this will be my first.
Plan: Katanaharrysilver on 04/11/2023 08:32
designer name
please mention the designer name.. its Paul Glemba
Plan: Wanted PlansHertzy on 02/10/2023 19:23
Beechcraft Kingair 350
HI, I am after a set of plans to scale build a Kingair 350 from foam core, It will be giant scale.
Plan: Haines Mystery Shiphjf160250 on 17/09/2023 20:21
Description error.
'Thermal'??? This is a peanut scale model.
Plan: Stinson Voyagerhjf160250 on 08/09/2023 12:17
Not Free Flight!!
There's a bit of a clue in the plan number (101RC) about the intended purpose. This is a purely scale RC model although I'd like to see a Free Flight one attempted. At 101 inch span it would look magnificent but would also be a potential killer!

Latest Edited Plans All Types

Latest model airplane plans edited by our Editors

#ID Name Type Class Editor Last Edited
Picker 1
04/07/24 11:47:15am
Aeronca Profile .020
03/07/24 01:53:35pm
1/2A Blazer
02/07/24 12:47:10pm
25/06/24 09:52:31am
21/06/24 12:21:21pm
Avia BH-3
12/06/24 12:42:18pm
Trenton Terror
12/06/24 12:39:28pm
Stinson U
12/06/24 12:34:08pm
12/06/24 12:31:05pm
Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8
12/06/24 12:27:07pm
28/11/23 05:42:43pm
27/11/23 08:42:10pm
Four Star 40
25/11/23 11:07:31am
piper tomahawk 20
23/11/23 06:12:45am
p-38 lightning
23/11/23 06:11:58am
Hirth Minimoa
20/11/23 04:49:11pm
Buzzard II
07/11/23 01:29:07pm
Lil Foiler
23/10/23 06:15:28pm
21/10/23 05:10:21pm
Heath Super Parasol
21/10/23 04:57:22pm
Haines Mystery Ship
17/09/23 11:51:12pm
Stinson Voyager
11/09/23 02:56:45pm
Fokker D XXI
07/09/23 08:22:29am
Gee Bee Z
01/09/23 11:00:23am
p51 mustang
23/08/23 05:41:14pm