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We are a community of modelers sharing free RC model airplanes plans
-Here you can find thousands of free RC model airplanes plans. Warbirds, Foamies, Parkflyers, Indoor, Scale, Gliders and even Boats and Sailboats plans...

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-This website provides plans for thousands of modelers around the world.
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-Here you can find thousands of r/c model plans, all free. The plans are available in different formats for your convenience...

How to search?

Don go for "foamies" "warbirds" and so...Search for the actual model name like "mustang" "harrier" "tomcat" this way you will get more results

How to Download?
-Click the "Download" button on the file you want or click on the "Favorites" button and get all your favorites from the "Favorites" menu.

Help to TAG

You can give a great help, you can comment the plans... For eg. If you find a P-47 you can add a comment saying "warbird" "ww2 aircraft" or more info on this plane can be found here "www. ..."

All Upladed files are screened for virus!

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Free RC Model Airplanes Plans Sharing Community.
AeroFreds RC Plans has more than 15 categories of RC Model Airplanes Plans, Model airplanes, Boats, Model Ships and Wood Working projects. To browse the website please select a category and go page by page until you find something you like or use the search and type a few keywords. If you find a plan but its not exactly what you were looking for click the "MORE" button to find similar plans.
This is a community, many modelers have donated their plans collections and many others uploaded individual plans but if you design model airplanes or boats plans and would like to sell your creations you can do it too, select SELL from the left menu to see how to do it.
Downloads: 4317131
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