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Free RC Model Airplanes Plans Sharing Community. RC Plans has more than 15 categories of RC Model Airplanes Plans, Model airplanes, Boats, Model Ships and Wood Working projects.

To browse the website please select a category and go page by page until you find something you like or use the search and type a few keywords. If you find a plan but its not exactly what you were looking for click the "MORE LIKE THIS" button to find similar plans or others from the same collection or model..

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PDF Free RC Model Airplanes Plans

-Huge PDF RC Airplane Plans Collection with lots of RC Plans from all eras

-ALL PDF Format R/C Airplanes, Sailplanes and Helicopters, electric rc airplanes models - Vintage Plans, Schematics, Blueprints.
PDF R/C airplanes can be opened with a PDF viewer, nowadays any web browser can open and print PDF files. These files came in the kinds, Image PDF which are bitmaps like jpg or other inside the PDF or Vectorial PDF which are like text pdf´s, can be resized to any size that won´t loose quality. These later are the best but they no so common as they must be created with some CAD software or and OCR program.

1909 RC Airplane Plans

Free RC Model Airplanes Plans Image format

Misc. Free RC Model Airplanes, Sailplanes, U-control, Indoor, Old Timers, Autogyro plans, Free Flight, Helicopters.
-Plans, Designs, Schematics, Diagrams, Blueprints, Photos...
Image Format R/C plans are the easiest to open and use. These files can be opened with Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop or the windows print and fax viewer. This type of file can be sized down without loosing any quality but should not be enlarged too much.
In this folder you can find images from multi pages PDF files for your own convenience.

2419 RC Airplane Plans

Foamies Parkflyers Jets 3D Free RC Model Planes Plans

-All Formats R/C 3D Foamies Airplanes Plans, blue prints, schematics... (depron/zepron, blue and pink foam core) electric 3D airplanes, Indoor vintage models, Parkflyers, jets, pusher jets and ducted fans electrics...
Foamies are the one of the latest trends on RC Airplanes, its possible to replace balsa panels for depron or custom cut foam cores sheets and even laminate depron or zepron or foam core foam with balsa. This laminates can be very strong and light and be made to bend in one direction or stiff if the balsa sheets are glue in a perpendicular fashion.

Depron Foamies are great and easy to repair and built making some of the best beginners Airplane models.

1065 RC Airplane Plans

DXF Free RC Model Airplanes Plans

High quality DXF RC airplane plans.
RC Airplanes, sailplanes, helicopters, trainers, electrics, sport models and much more...
Plans, blue prints, schematics.
-Use VoloView or any DXF to PDF converter to open the files...

655 RC Airplane Plans

Micro Indoor Free RC Model Airplanes Plans

Several peanut scale, pistachio scale, mini and micro indoor rc airplane model plans and some rubber band powered models. Micro Indoor models...

-Robert Darlow Plans

1329 RC Airplane Plans

DWG Free RC Model Airplanes Plans

Hight quality DWG RC model airplanes plans
R/C Airplane, sailplanes,high and low wing models, electrics, trainers and much more Plans, Schematics, Blue Prints.
-Use VoloView or any DWG to PDF Converter to open the files...

541 RC Airplane Plans

Old Timers Vintage Model Airplanes Plans Free Flight U-Control

Various vintage RC aircraft blueprints and aviation tools.
Free flight models, Control Line models, rubber band models and other balsa construction model plans.

Everybody loves an oldtimer rc airplane plan. These are the best drawn and most detailed plans you can find and the most rewarding to build. In the old days of free flight and control line model airplanes people used balsa and tissue to build models, later on the plastic coverings like Solarfilm and others came up but the beauty of a tissue covered airplanes model was never matched.

These plans are no longer copyrighted, unless the previous copyrighter owner extended the license so there is no problem in resharing, printing or even selling them, here you can have them all for free.

633 RC Airplane Plans

3 Views of Free RC Model Airplanes Plans

Aircrafts 3 Views...
-WW2 birds like p-47, p-51, p-38, b-17, b-25, German planes, Japanese warbirds, italian, RAF and French war planes and many other models. Jet age Aircrafts, USSR and NATO among many other...

6484 RC Airplane Plans

Vintage WoodWorking Plans and Wood working Projects

Various vintage Wood Working Plans and Projects:
Outdoors, Shop Projects, home and Garden, Recreation, Kids Stuff Farm and House, Science.

210 RC Airplane Plans

Manuals of RC Model Airplanes and Related

TXT and PDF files with tips on how to assemble some of the models listed in this site, commercial models manuals may be available too...

327 RC Airplane Plans

Model Sailboats model Ships and Motorboats Plans

Various Boats and Sailboats Plans, blue prints, PDF, DXF, CDR, DWG, JPG, etc.
IOM Class Rules, Hull design, Models Photos, US1M US One Meter class and much more...

342 RC Airplane Plans

Hobby Tools Foam Cutters Vacuum Forming Plans CNC

Wide variety of tools used in the modeling art.
-Hot wire foam Cutters, diy vacuum forming machines
-Home made CNC Routers and mills, Decals Printing, etc...

27 RC Airplane Plans

Franks old Timers CL and Free Flight Plans

This is a collection of plans sent by an American Friend, mainly vintage models and some interesting and rare free flight and control line "CL" airplanes and gliders models.
This are very detailed full size plans. Thank Frank for sending them!

84 RC Airplane Plans

Robert Darlow Free RC Model Airplanes Plans.

Robert Darlow is a distinguished member of the site, he has sent many plans. You can find them in this section. Mostly indoor and micro models.

56 RC Airplane Plans

Wood Working Plans and eBooks

Various wood working plans.
Wood houses, work benches, closets, cabinets, chairs and tables, furniture and other wooden made home apparel.

210 RC Airplane Plans

DXF Large Thumbnails Free RC Planes Plans

Browse this folder and use the name in the search to get the DXF file.

610 RC Airplane Plans

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